Name & Purpose

Section 1.1: The name of the organization shall be the Lima Young

Professionals, also known as the Lima YP.

Section 1.2: The purpose of this organization shall be:

A. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – To provide educational

opportunities that will enable young professionals to build

skills and become better prepared for tomorrow’s


B. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – To create opportunities for young

adults to interact through relaxed networking opportunities.

C. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – To coordinate projects to

improve members’ participation in serving in the community.

D. MARKETING COMMITTEE – To promote the Lima YP within the


E. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – To develop membership base and

maintain member relations.

F. ALLEN 2020 LIAISON – Create and enhance positive

perception of the Lima/Allen County region, to aid in moving

the community forward based on goals set by the Allen 2020


G. VISION – To promote an atmosphere conducive to the

development of future leaders of the Lima/Allen County


H. FUTURE – To add to the quality of life in the Greater Lima

area in order to attract and retain talented young

professionals for our community workforce and organizations.



Section 2.1: Any individual between the ages of eighteen (18) and forty (40),

both inclusive, shall be eligible for active membership.

Section 2.2: Active membership shall cease on the member’s Anniversary

Date following his/her 41st birthday.


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Section 3.1: Membership fees are based on an annual billing cycle starting

January 1st thru December 31st. Membership fees of $87/fiscal

year and include payment for Professional Development

luncheons and entitles member full access to the Lima Young

Professionals organization with opportunities to serve in

leadership capacity.

Section 3.2: Dues are established by the Lima YP Leadership Board and will

be reviewed annually at the October Annual Meeting.

Section 3.3: The fiscal year shall begin January 1 and end on December 31.


Meetings of Members

Section 4.1: The organization shall hold 1-2 events per month.

Section 4.2: The Annual Meeting of the organization shall be held in January

of each year and said meeting shall coincide with one of the

events for that month, unless otherwise set by the Leadership

Board (LB). Twenty-five (25) percent of the membership shall

constitute a quorum.

Section 4.3: Meetings of the Leadership Board (LB). Meetings of the LB shall

be held at prearranged dates or at the call of the President. At

all said meetings, a majority of Board members shall constitute a


Section 4.4: Special meetings of the LB shall be called by the President, Vice

President or Secretary at the request of at least three (3)

members of the Leadership Board.


Officers & Duties

Section 5.1: Officers and Duties. The Leadership Board (LB) shall consist of 10

members including; 4 executive officers consisting of a Past

President, President, Vice President, and Secretary and 6 action

team leaders. The executive officers shall be elected by the

membership. Their duties are as follows:

1. The Past President shall act in collaboration with the President to

insure goals are being met and offer advice when in need. The Past

President will serve on the Lima/Allen County Chamber of

Commerce’s Board of Directors for a one year term with full voting

privileges. This position requires the Past President to represent the

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majority of young professional members and not to act on his or

her own behalf.

2. The President shall supervise the organization’s affairs and

activities and shall serve as the organization’s chief officer. The

President shall make an annual report thereon to the members at

the Annual Meeting in October. The President will serve on the

Mayor’s Cabinet and will serve on the Chamber’s Board of Directors

the following year after his/her term. The President has further

powers and duties as listed herein or as consistent with these


3. The Vice President shall work with the President on such affairs of

the organization as membership and public relations. The Vice

President shall also serve on the Mayor’s Cabinet. The Vice

President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her

absence or in the case of a vacancy, until the end of the term. The

Vice President serves as the President-Elect for the following term –

should the Vice President decline Presidency for following term an

election will be held. In the event of the Vice President taking an

early leave, an interim Vice President can be appointed by the LB.

4. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of the LB

actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all LB

meetings, sending out meeting announcements, and distributing

copies of minutes and the agenda to each LB member. The

Secretary shall be the custodian of all records of the organization

and shall maintain said records. The Secretary serves as Vice

President-Elect for the following term – should the Secretary decline

the Vice Presidency for following term an election will be held.

5. Action Teams. There shall be 6 standing action teams –

Community Engagement, Marketing, Professional Development,

Membership, Social Development and Allen 2020 Liaison. The LB

may create additional teams as needed. Chairs for each action

team will be elected. Action team chairs will serve on the LB and

will hold meetings with team members, at times set forth by

Chamber representative.

Section 5.2: Leadership Board (LB). The 3 executive officers, past president and

the respective action team leaders (Community Engagement,

Marketing, Professional Development, Membership, Social

Development, and Allen 2020 Liaison) shall serve as the members

of the Leadership Board, along with a Chamber YP Program Director.

The LB shall serve as a governing body for the organization and is

responsible for the overall policy and direction of the organization

possessing authority, duties, and responsibilities as contained

herein or as consistent with these Bylaws.

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Terms of Offices & Vacancies

Section 6.1: Executive Officers terms are the duration of one (1) fiscal year;

Executive Officers’ positions are to be filled in succession:

Secretary serves as Vice President-Elect, Vice President serves

as President-Elect. Should either position decline their

succession role, an election will be held. LB reserves the right to

remove any officer if the duties as herein described are not

fulfilled. Early position vacancy can be filled by LB appointment

and a full election is not necessary. Executive Officers MUST

have served as a Committee Chair for at least one (1) year prior

to serving in an executive capacity.



Section 7.1: Elections for open positions will be held in October. Newly

elected officers shall assume their duties immediately at the

start of the new fiscal year. Past officers will transition the new

Chairs prior to the beginning of the new year when chair

positions change.

Section 7.2: The Leadership Board shall be deemed the “Nominating

Committee” for the purpose of election of officers of the

organization. Members of the LB that desire to run for office

shall, exempt themselves from the Nominating Committee. Not

less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Election, the

Nominating Committee shall accept written applications of

members requesting to be candidates for election.

Section 7.3: Election of Officers. The Nominating Committee shall release the

names of the candidates to the membership not less than fifteen

(15) days prior to the Election. The membership at large shall

elect, by confidential ballot, a President, Vice President,

Secretary and Action Team Chairs.



Section 8.1: After three unexcused absences, the Leadership Board President

shall contact individual for intent and the Leadership Board will

then review and a possible termination will be decided.

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Removal From Office

Section 9.1: Any officer, action team leader, or general member may be

removed from office and/or membership as a result of failure to

fulfill the duties and obligations of said office or for conduct

detrimental to the best interests of the organization.

Section 9.2: The removal process consists of the following procedure:

1. A petition stating the charge shall be filed with the

Secretary and signed by two-thirds (2/3) of the Leadership

Board or by two-thirds (2/3) of the active membership.

2. Written notice of the charge or charges against

him/her shall be presented to the officer, action team chair,

or general member at least 20 days prior to the question’s

placement on the agenda of the Leadership Board meeting.

3. A hearing on the charges shall be conducted whereby

the petitioners shall present their case first, said officer,

action team chair, or general member shall be heard

second, and the vote shall be taken third. A quorum must

be present at this meeting and two-thirds (2/3) of those

voting shall be necessary to remove said officer or chair

from office.

4. In the event the officer sought to be removed is the

Secretary, the Vice President shall receive and distribute

the petition. Should the President be the officer sought to

be removed, the Vice President shall preside during the

removal proceedings. No removal proceedings shall be

based more than once on the same evidence.


Authority to Bind

Section 10.1 No member of this organization shall contract for or incur any

debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate this

organization except by authorization of the Leadership Board or

appointed Chamber YP Program Director.



Section 11.1: These Bylaws may be amended when necessary by a majority of

the Leadership Board. Proposed amendments must be

submitted to the Leadership Board and said proposed

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amendments shall be presented for approval. These Bylaws may

also be amended when necessary by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of

the members present at a Leadership Board meeting, provided

that written notice of the proposed amendment has been

emailed to the last known address of each member on the

Leadership Board at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of

such meeting.

Additional provisions: