Are you wondering “Why YP,” as in, what can your business gain from sending young people to the Lima Young Professionals?

The Lima YP is built from our area’s best talent to support and enhance our influence in the greater Lima region. We know Lima is a great place to live, work and play. We want to showcase our assets, as well as continuing to improve the area for all to enjoy! The Lima YP offers something for everyone, whether they are new to the industry, or they’re an aspiring leader already established in a particular organization.

Business Owners, you need to grow your best talent! Let’s be honest…sending your staff to trainings and workshops away from the office can be expensive, time-consuming and not very realistic for ongoing growth.

The Lima Young Professionals solves this by offering:

Why YP 3Professional Development Lunches (1.5 hrs/month)

Help your YP with facilitated networking opportunities, growing their community awareness and thought-leadership by sending them to these monthly sessions designed to propel their ladder ascension.

Community Engagement
(1-10 hrs/month)

Your team will feel part of a larger cause and fulfill their civic responsibility by getting involved with the heart of our community… it’s best service organizations. From the American Heart Association to Allen County Children’s Services and everything in between, there is something for everyone to feel passionate about.

Why YP 1Pub-Clubs (2 hrs/month)

YPs are reporting in ever-increasing numbers that work/life balance is very important to them. If you are wondering how to keep your young people engaged without your seasoned professionals losing their cool, encourage your YPs to attend monthly social events. They will find casual networking opportunities, fun/food/drinks in relaxed atmospheres highlighting our region’s finest establishments, and they’ll even get to take part in some special seasonal and holiday events.

Executive YP (1-3 hrs/month)

Why YP 2Encourage your leaders to grow themselves personally and professionally by singing them up for this program, which matches them with a mentor whose been successfully working and serving in our community for years. This program also offers quarterly roundtables designed to help each YP succeed, as well as to discover and share with other YPs the resources they may be aware of that can help someone else. Involvement with the YP on any of these levels can lead to the opportunity for advancement to a Committee or Leadership Board position, which would require a few more hours per month of your YP’s time, but has an even higher Return on Investment for your company.

The relationships your YP will form are priceless, but you can get tangible results. They can collect leads and get sales from those leads. They will be able to bring back to your company events to get involved with, so you can expand your market reach. They’ll have the opportunity to get involved in civic groups, in turn shedding favorable light on your business. They will start to step into management roles and take on more responsibility within your organization, as well as gaining access to decision makers in our community which can certainly help you!

Invest in the future of our community! Send your employees to the Lima Young Professionals!